Re: Wing load testing and max weight

Jim Patillo

Hi Vern,

The carbon spar Q200 was introduced by QAC and not Bert Rutan. Scott Swing load tested the spars to failure using a simple method of putting the spar in an elevated aluminum device with loading at the tip until failure. If the spar didn't sag to a defined height after a certain load and time, it passed and was shipped. Several didn't meet spec and I believe Scott even used one in his Q after repair.

I know a little bit about this as my right spar failed at 200 hours under where passenger legs go, due to a stress riser from the aluminum fixture. I repaired mine back then and the plane now has hundreds of hours on it after failure. People should be very careful at gross weights over 1,300 lbs. Just my opinion.


N46JP Q200       

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