Re: Dave Smith's Q-Tour is uploaded to YouTube

Jim Patillo

Hi Dave,

I watched your video this afternoon. Sorry I couldn’t make the Zoom meeting yesterday. 

I’ve never run into you anywhere which is kind of strange, since you’re only 30 miles from Livermore. I started my kit in December 1981 in Fremont and finished it in Livermore. I’ve been flying my Q200 out of there since 2000. You must have gotten your kit thru Gordon Pratt and his dad, like I did. 

I’m surprised you’ve flown it all these years with a GU canard with one sparrow strainer and no VG’s. 
You must have had some butt puckering moments. 
I've seen up close how a Quickie with GU canard and no vg’s react in rain. It’s down hill.

Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you some time. 

Jim Patillo
N46JP Q200

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