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Mike Steinsland

Maybe a 3rd flying surface further forward? 

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Very intriguing Brad, but I think the placement of the flying surfaces is problematic since the elevator on the canard is what rotates the aircraft to takeoff attitude, and for your design to sit on the ground as you have shown here, the CG would be nearly at the center of the cord on the canard, so the canard would not have enough authority to rotate, and the CG would be too far forward for stable flight in the tandem configuration.


The flight-stable CG location for the tandem wing layout such as the Q2 or Dragonfly is about where you have the rear edge of your forward windshield. So as you have it drawn here, if it was balanced so as to be stable in flight, when on the ground, it would fall on its tail.   If you move the canard forward and add much more sweep to it, it could work as a tri-gear provided you can design for twisting loads of gear on the tips and flight loads. I like your design software. You must have been doing this for a while.


The nose gear fork is a very nice rendering of what I had in mind for Tony to sink his teeth into on a redesign. Thanks for sending that close up, it looks very workable.






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I saw someone mention a 4 place and 6 places so I did a thing. Didnt spend very much time on it just threw something together for some ogling. Feel free to give feedback and or ideas. Someone may notice their nose wheel idea came to life too. I've been reading and watching this group from afar not really participating so here is my first post. Go easy on me.


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