Weishaar-Doyle LS-1 canard design

Sam Hoskins

Larry Weishaar (RIP) and Jim Doyle developed an LS-1 canard which used carbon fiber tape instead of the QAC supplied round carbon fiber spars. I'm placing their build instructions, along with some correspondence, in the Files section of our site. If anyone wanted to go to the trouble of making full size drawings of their hot-wire templates we would appreciate if you would share with everyone and place them in this same folder.
I this may be the solution to anyone wanting to build an LS-1 canard of their own.  I think Larry gave pretty good instructions how to build their version. Of course, you will have to blend this with the QAC LS-1 canard fabrication plans for jigging fixtures. 
We certainly invite discussion of this build, AFTER you have read all Larry’s correspondence. Here you go: https://q-list.groups.io/g/main/files/Canard%20-%20LS-1%20designed%20by%20Larry%20Weishaar%20&%20Jim%20Doyle

Also, for anyone building an original, have placed my QAC LS-1 improved instructions in the Files section as well.


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