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Paul Fisher

(...yawn...) Ok, I'm awake now, my bad.

I've got a 60"x68" prop on mine and have no problems with ground clearance.  I haven't measured it with the fuselage level.  I'll try to do that next time I'm at the hangar.  It's too cold and snowy to do anything else!

I take off and land at ground attack angle (all three wheels depart and land simultaneously).  I do not do wheel landings.  If the tail wheel doesn't touch down with the mains, I'm going way too fast.  Not to say I haven't done it, but I immediately know I screwed up!

Your milage may vary, but that's how I've been flying it all these years.

Paul Fisher
Q-200 N17PF

Now back to it... ZZZZzzzz

On Thu, Feb 18, 2021, 17:03 <gbrighton@...> wrote:
            Im not qualified to answer but 3 inch Prop /Gnd clearance
Doesn't sound  enough ! .. The Flying Q guys are asleep on this one !? ..
Seeing the Exhaust coming out of the Cowling is looking like things are
getting Serious ; )
You let me know on another List that you were intending the use SDS for
Engine management . I was hoping to use the OEM Soob ecu .. anyway long
story short i have 'left' that effort ... !!  ... and have now installed a
SDS ecu .. Gnd running seems good  .. and if weather is ok will be test
Flying it this wkend  .

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Subject: [Q-List] clearance

>  What are we looking for in prop to ground clearance?.  Does the Q do a
> flair on landing or does it stay relativley flat?
>  With the water line level I have three inch clearance with a 58 inch
> prop. I can cut it down no problem if need be.
> thanks -----------  Chris

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