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Frankenbird Vern

 Met-All to the rescue! 

 PW had some great geared fan designs and hollow blades. Main bearings overheating burning up seals in the geared fan was the issue on the G500/600 engines (NEO A320 using a larger version of the exact same engine design). 

 Hollow fan blades, tho being lighter, tend to fail as all can see here. Lots of flexing going on in those fans. The 787 and 747-8 fans are really rad.. weird scimitar and blended tips. Big mothers too!  

 The customer fleet were aware that the GE's are much more reliable, which explains why the few aircraft delievered with PW are all that are affected. 

 I would ask why the Triple 7 engine group decided to add catalytic heaters to the nacelle, exterior to the cabin?...looking at this photo. Could be aerodynamics got in the fray and decided a hot air balloon effect might assist the climb rate?

 I suspect some seat upholstery will need to be changed on tis aircraft as well.


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I think they can polish it out.  😉

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No time wasted on grounding the fleet this time! Maybe PW can pony up the cash for all the lost revenue?
Another day, another fiasco in the life of Boeing. Just days after it started to appears that Boeing may finally emerge from its 2-year old debacle when the combination of the 737MAX crash and the covid travel slump cratered Boeing stock when the company reported solid earnings despite guiding to another "unexpected" delay in the rollout of 777X, on Sunday night U.S. aviation regulators ...

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Photo of honeycomb and carbon fiber nacelle fragment from yesterday’s 777-200 engine failure near Denver.


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