Re: Cold Weather Texan

Paul Fisher

I would suggest you check tire pressure.  Sometimes the cold can cause air leaks.  

You might also check anything else in the hangar that might be affected by freezing.  I have two boxes of stuff (tapes, cleaners, pens, etc.) that I remove in November and return in April.  It happens every year here in Iowa so it's just part of the process!


On Fri, Feb 26, 2021, 07:08 Corbin via <> wrote:
As many of you know, we got down to zero Fahrenheit for 2-3 days down here in Texas.  That’s common for many of you but certainly not for us.

I haven’t been out to the hangar in a month but thought about going out to hug the plane.  Are there any areas of the plane anyone has noticed needing extra attention after periods of cold temps like that?  Anything prone to being brittle or suffering from prolonged cold?



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