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Bruce Crain

Hi Vern!
Glad  you made it through Snowklahoma!  It was warmer in Angel Fire than Enid when we were there.  Took off in a big crosswind from Angel Fire and an glad to be able to  use the RV again!  One of those never again things ya know!  I've been into Taos on one or two occasions and love having a cross runway there.  Angel Fire needs one badly!  Big safety factor!  The have lost lots of aircraft especially under powered or pilots forgot to lean out!  
I don't really think of forward slips much except to slow the TriQ down a bit.  I try to come in over the numbers flat like I am sitting on the runway so the nose doesn't get to high.  If you come in with the nose high you are going to fast.  If the nose if above the horizon much it will pay of and give you some bounces.  Of course the Dragonfly may work differently so go cautiously!  I usually try to hold the upwind wing down and opposite rudder as sometimes in a gust crabbing can make  you go airborne again.  Your mileage may vary though so if you are used to crabbing it might work well for you.  When you get the "Frankenbird" flying you will need to test it at small increments at 1st.    How's that for no commitment!  wink
Yep the  main gears have the stiffeners. 

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 How bad was the homestead when you arrived? Just today the water mains in Tulsa were finally repaired.. Out here in the sticks we are on a water catchment system I built backed up by a well I drilled last Summer. No water problems but my electric bill is probably going to be a bit extreme. Need to get PV back on a roof. I lived off grid for over 20 years in Taos I know the limitations and potentials. I've been to Angel Fire many times...Taos, Crested Butte,.. lots of skiing. Its a beautiful airport at Angel Fire.     
Which is your preference for X-wind landings, Bruce. Forward slip all through Final or do you crab angle and then align to the
runway? X-wind Pilot techniques were taught both ways in my Student times... Instructor presented both. 
 I ask because the various types of aircraft make the Approach to landing different. I am wondering specifically the change (if any) in Tri Q compared to taildragger version.  
 I learned both and most of the time use forward slip. I do this because early in the approach it's mostly known what the ability of the aircraft is to fly the X-wind component at that airport at the time.  The risk of course is strict airspeed maintenance because I'm cross controlled at low altitude.  
Glad your back and safe.  Does your RV have the added gussets on the gear tubes? This months Kitplanes has a very good article on the topic. 

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After flying 14 hours in our RV 6 to Angel Fire, NM, Pampa, TX, Phoenix, AZ to see grandkids, ski and spend a week in a Time Share I pulled out the TriQ 200.  I flew to Stillwater to see my brother Kirby and get the engine warmed up and water cooked off.  Great landings both airports and when I returned to Enid the wind had shifted to 240.  The best runway was 170 so 70 degree crosswind with wind at 18 knots gusting to 27 knots!  I lowered the right wing andr pushed left rudder and put the right main down 1st with the other 2 following quickly.  Seemed good and the tower came on and said “you handled that crosswind nicely”!  I told him the TriQ handled crosswinds much better than my taildraggin’ RV because of the smaller rudder.  It doesn’t weathervane into the wind so much!  The temperature was around 65 F which is a 70 degree difference from the week before and “Snowklahoma”!  We weren’t able to get home during that snowstorm from Angel Fire and Pampa so we cancelled our commercial flight to Phoenix and flew the RV 6!  The trip home over the hump east of Phoenix had a wonderful tailwind and we saw ground speeds of 235 mph!  Take that United.  Home in a little over 4 hours with a picnic lunch in Tucumcari, NM!  (We packed sandwiches because Tucumcari doesn’t have a courtesy car).

Thus far I have only logged 2.5 hrs in the TriQ this year.  That just ain’t right!  Gotta do better!  Come on “Spring Fling”!  Kevin please don’t mention the worthless cross wind landing I had last year.  Just our little secret.  😘
Bruce Crain
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