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 No place on earth like NM...up North the vibe is different, but there are a ton of things to see and do
all over the State. Strangest place I visited there was "on the hill".. Los Alamos. It's like a scene from
Stepford Wives.  I guess it's appropriate since the highest concentration of PhD's in the USA live there. 

 I tell folks if they want to know what it was like up in my neck of the woods (er..that would be sagebrush, 
Pinion, and Juniper) just watch "Off The Map" starring a fella named Sam Elliot.  The opening and closing 
shots were filmed in the village where I built my Earthship in.. Carson. I was there during the filming. 

 Dennis Hopper lived not too far away..Chief Dan George also. One or two other gollywood folks.    

 Carson used to be in Ripleys as having the smallest Post Office in the United States. My place was on 
the hill to the North so I could see if the Post Office was open or not. No rental aircraft at Taos..closest 
I could find a CFI or a rental for BFR was in Santa Fe. 

 Bottom line was.. it is arid..lots of caliche soil. My wife who is a major gardener couldn't transition and
I couldn't keep up with the water demands. Better to relocate and cash out..and I always liked Eastern 
Oklahoma. My wife is much happier where it rains much more consistently. We do miss the views and 

 Your near the airport there, John?   

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I am down in the southern part of New Mexico at KALM.


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