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Jim Patillo

Nice report Bruce. You were in my old stomping grounds. Yes Quickies are a wonderful thing😊
N46JP Q200

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Sent: Saturday, March 6, 2021 6:26:56 PM
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Subject: [Q-List] N96BJ Flight
Honey Lamb and I flew to Siloam Springs, Arkansas to see her Norwegian family today!  Cool 42 degrees and smooooth air all the way!  Bought a couple of landings that had her bragging on me!  How often does that happen?  Lots of long metal buildings with chickens in them.  I found out a hen who counts her own eggs is called a Mathemachicken!  😲.   The last photo is right base to Siloam Springs Smith Airport.  Round trip was 2.5 hours.  Q’s rule!!
Bruce and Honey Lamb Crain.

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