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Bruce Crain

Norm Howell flew his 1 seat Quickie out of Enid.  I don’t recall any other Q’s here.
A guy at the Siloam Springs came over and told me of a Q 2 that crashed with both builders killed at Siloam Springs.  Does anyone remember who that was?  Something about a leak in the intake and it burned a valve.

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We flew over TIA but t at 5500’ MSL and 6500’ MSL to avoid their Class C (4700’ top).  I’ve thought of the Caribbean also.  I am a bit apprehensive about loosing site of the horizon though.  Need to go to class with Mike Dwyer as he has been there with his Q200.  Summer might be best as all you need are T shirts flip flops and Speedos.  Gotta leave enough room for an inflatable raft.  I hear they will search for you a bit longer if they know your aircraft floats.
The American V.I. Is a looong way south!  Maybe we could rent a sailing yacht and head her south.  They probably won’t let us take it to the US V.I. So would need to but one and sell it when we’re done.  Would be a little older when we get back!

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 Dems chikin houses! I learned to fly in Arkan saw (sas).. but I was born and raised (mostly) in Kan ZASS..  Used to catch guff 
about being a"yankee" but I also had some fun like this one: 

 Each night we wrote a "turn over" to the day shift at Falcon on various issues or questions. It was written only by the specific aircrafts Lead AP. At any given time 4 or more aircraft were being completed.   So one evening, after a session of the locals beating up on the Wichita Wonder Boyz earlier that afternoon, one of the items I wrote about was the following: 
 "The bandsas is broken again"...  

  Next day walking into the hangar I get wondering looks and queries about what the hell I was writing about and of course then I had my opportunity to pull a joke off on them for once. 

 "Ya'll don know what a Band-SAW iz?".  Ggggg..

South Kansas was a member of the Confederacy. Northern Kansas was not! Wichita is located kinda South in the State 

 Nice flight to The Natural State. Did you overfly TIA or tack around, Bruce?

 On a similar thought..anyone flown their craft to the Caribbean Islands yet?  I have for years considered that a "bucket list" item and I figure the American V.I. would be a good destination. It is tropical so not more than the required ham sandwich for baggage that Q-birds require might work better than maybe visiting Minnisoooota in winter.  

 I figure my Russian bride wouldn't be complaining much flying Islands to the warm beach after this Winter!.


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Honey Lamb and I flew to Siloam Springs, Arkansas to see her Norwegian family today!  Cool 42 degrees and smooooth air all the way!  Bought a couple of landings that had her bragging on me!  How often does that happen?  Lots of long metal buildings with chickens in them.  I found out a hen who counts her own eggs is called a Mathemachicken!  😲.   The last photo is right base to Siloam Springs Smith Airport.  Round trip was 2.5 hours.  Q’s rule!!
Bruce and Honey Lamb Crain.

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