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Frankenbird Vern


 I read most of the files.. it seems the reality is that even with more hours PIC in type..the causes of
 accidents still focus on landing approach.. 

 I would expect that of course on low time experience...surprising there were seemingly similar
 percentages even with 50+ hours PIC.  

 What might be the data cause is extended time between last current flight experience? Getting "rusty"
in a Tandem wing design seems to have quite a bit higher risk. 

 GO FLY!!!!  in other words.

 The first time I was in a Q it was in 1984 and it was a Q1. I had quite a few hours in taildraggers then and the 
fellow that wanted me to fly it only had a general idea of the differences. He knew enough to tell me not to try to 
wheel land it. Took my time to get aware of how it handled (or so I thought)!  It flew well enough..and I did some
time at slow flight to the "stall" if you'd call it I had a good idea of the numbers to make the approach on Final.   

 It took three attempts at landing before I decided best might be to take to the smooth grass next to the asphalt runway. In
hindsite that was not a wise idea! But they had just cut the grass that morning and it was mud or puddles. 
No toe brakes of course..just a simple mechanical drag brake lever. Onan 22 hp, not exactly a powerhouse 
up front. 

  I made it back to the ramp without damaging the machine but that venture ended any desire for a Q1 as that 
one was built.

 Lessons learned. Stay current!


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Hi Vern,


If you look at my spreadsheet you will see that I have classified each accident into one of several broad categories. My report describes the criteria for each category.


If you want a little entertainment, have a look at the NTSB summary reports for the accidents that I have lumped into the general category “WTF”. You just have to read them to believe them.





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 They had the info in hand about the torque requirements for the engine.. flying at dusk (while not equipped for legal night flight) probably was a factor in choosing the emergency landing location. Two major errors to keep in mind in my "remember this" folder.  


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Here is the NTSB report on the crash that Bruce mentioned. It was totally avoidable. Engine maintenance major screw up... very poorly done.

By the way, the folder that I uploaded to the group contains complete documentation of every Q type crash in the NTSB database prior to 2018. Most listings also contain a hyperlink to the complete NTSB summary in pdf format like the one above. To find this information, just go to the list folder: I also summarized the accidents in two documents in that same folder. There is another spreadsheet from Richard Kazmerick that is redundant to the material in my spreadsheet and reports. This stuff is worthwhile reading if you are getting ready to fly a Q, because it puts you in possession of all of the serious mistakes that have already been made.


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