Re: Throttle RPM Oddity

Jay Scheevel

Hi Corbin,

Is there a chance that your manifold pressure gauge is starting to crater and this is is influencing both spark advance and fuel injection? Just an uneducated question from a poorly informed person, but seems possible.


On Mar 16, 2021, at 5:54 PM, Corbin via <c_geiser@...> wrote:

Me again.  Haven't flown in months due to the Lightspeed ignition install, weather, you name it.  Departed my home airport today and flew over to my new hangar.  Upon takeoff, RPM at full throttle was 2100.  Hmm....didn't really notice that at the time because the plane was light on its feet and wanted to fly.  I noticed when the climb rate was poor 300-400 ft instead of 1,000ft+.  I turned crosswind and in the upwind I decided to pull throttle back and sure enough HALFWAY back, the RPM jumps up to 2650 and then starts hauling ass like these Quickies do.

The throttle hits both stops (idle and full) and static RPM on the ground after the flight was 2150rpm.  When I slowly advance to full throttle, on the ground, it smoothly goes up to the 2150rpm.  There is no "jump" at mid-throttle.  Could it have done that on takeoff because the plane needed to fly and work out gunk from not flying for 4-5 months?  What else could it be? 

Fuel-injected O-200 with electronic ignition.  Any ideas of what to check or what it could have been?  It is good to be based out of DTO in the new to me hangar!

New tail number and new hangar.  I will update our database contact file.



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