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That happened in a brand new RV-10 during a Sport Air Race at 500ft.  Landed on a narrow farm country road in So IL and rolled up into a farmer's yard. No damage.  

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Date: 3/17/21 9:30 PM (GMT-05:00)
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Does your intake path have SCAT tubing? I had a clever avionics tech remove the steel wire from the SCAT  tubing that connected the air filter to the fuel-flow controller. Runup was fine, but on rollout at full throttle, when I got to 50 knots on the ground, the engine faltered -- with increased suction and flow of air at full throttle, the tubing collapsed and blocked intake air. 

This was in a Glasair, IO-360 with fuel injection. 

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Very helpful information and greatly appreciated.  I will be back out there in the next day or two.  

Thanks again.


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