Re: FC2 Dimensions

Bruce Crain

Mine are about 2” wide and approximately 3” long.  You may need different sizes.  I am trying to remember how I got them aligned with the rudder when it was pinned straight back and then moved right and then left so the rudder pedals/brake assembly wouldn’t touch the firewall.  All of this needs to be set up so that the rudder pedals are even when flying straight.  You can change the lengths at the split line to compensate for lengths needed.  I sandwiched two plates on each cable eye to finish the set up.
Hope that helps.  Use some safety wire perhaps to hold things in place after you swage the eyelets for lengths.

On Mar 21, 2021, at 12:18 PM, Tim <timmrlw@...> wrote:

Hi Bruce, The ones at the split of the tail cone. But I have since found the plans I was missing at and just need to have a read through. If you had the figures to hand that would be a good double check, but should be ok...

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