Re: Jim Patillo's Q-Tour is uploaded to YouTube

Frankenbird Vern

 Well..I sure did!! Anyone that has flown a three holer becomes head of the class for me! I built parts for that aircraft!! Funny story and one day I hope we can chat about it at FOD or another get-together, Jim.

  Seriously.. EACH of you contributed a wealth of information, great ideas, and much credit to you for all the insites to this unique 
flying machine...and your honet personal reflections on your journey especially. Hats off!!

 Now if I can only find those "250 hours" in my "part time" to complete my perpetual 50% completed project..  Thats funny..
and I do remember the supposed 500 hour time to build advertised. only takes 3.5 days to build a 777..BUT..that is not counting the many "man-years" of parts and labor getting to the factory and the fact that everyone had a coordinated action to get at that rate. Kinda like them cooking or gardening shows where everything is instantly in place or already made! 

Frankenbird and Capella XS-2 (NOT with the 912UL)        

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Thank you Sam. It was a lot of fun. Hopefully somebody got something out of it. 

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Thanks Jim.  It was great getting the tour and we enjoyed your commentary.

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