Re: Forward Canopy geometry

Bruce Crain

Another thing you might want to think about is the fuel tanks are stiffeners for the fuselage.  Your mileage may vary if you don't use the plans built fuel tanks.  The Quickie fuselage is a tough one but with mods it could be less than optimal.  Also changing shape could cost you with respect to fuel volume which is about 2+ hours flight time unless you  build a removable aux tank like lots of Quickie builders have opted to do.  
There are a few mods to the fuel tank that improve them such as an extra layer of cloth across the bottom of the main tank to keep them from seeping.  Also extra build up across the main tank on top to stiffen if a bit with respect to stepping on it every time you get in the aircraft.  Also making light weight/dry lay ups on the tanks will get you pin holes that may leak in the future.
Just saying.
Bruce Crain

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You don't have to use foam.

I have a mid-tear 10 gal. cell and the bladder is 3 lbs.
They have higher priced and lighter bladder materials.

3 lbs doesn't seem to be too much of a sacrifice for the safety, especially if the alternative is a rapid dump/eject system.

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