Re: Resin volume placed on foam

Eugen Pilarski

we stay in Wuerzburg area in Bavaria between Nuernberg and Frankfurt. 

In which area of the cowling you mean to replace it with Kevelar 49? Any picture or small sketches available?

For the Q1 I choice a B&S Vanguard 679cc comes in standard performance with 23hp and additional some modifications I will placed like, High compression cast pistons, Billet rods with racing spec. bolts, Timing advanced 8°, Longer duration camshaft to shift the power band upwards, Upgraded valve gear to give more valve lift, stronger parts and prevent valve bounce, free flow filter and adapter ‘High altitude’ jet kit, Tuned length exhaust pipes, although simpler one may work well too. The requested parts will come from the US because they are some very proficient companies to support that engine.


So far the next parts are in the bag, it´s the Bulkhead 153.7 and AFT Canopy Bulkhead. But in that case I turn the top to bottom, because the vacuum causes the glass fibre to wrap around the corner of the prey part and thus the end faces are also glued together, which then has to be removed with a cutter.

Best regards


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