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Bruce Crain

Would it help the Cozy Girls low vac pressure to extract extra epoxie and lay the fibers out flatter?  I may be spitting into the wind here.  Somebody talk me down. 

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Vacuum bags provide uniform pressure. Weights do not. 25” of mercury is about 10 lb/in sq or 1440 lbs per ft sq. By reducing the vacuum to 5” Hg (shop vac) it would be about 200 lb / ft sq.

You end up with thinner face sheets that may weigh less but the buckling resistance is less than hand laid laminates. Stiffness is a cube function of thickness.


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Just a thought.  Would it help to vacuum bag parts and then put sand or lead on top of the outside bagging material to use weight to press the resin and glass together tighter into the weave?  It would be messy and you would have to keep the mold from creeping but what does the group think and does any one have any experience to share about that?  Just thinking outside the box.
Bruce Crain

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Here is a link to a YouTube video where Cozy Girrl Randi explains about how Cozy Girrls make composite parts, including mixing epoxy, mixing micro, using gloves, low pressure vacuum bagging, peel ply, sanding etc. The video was recorded at Sun-N-Fun 2019 and the beginning has a lot of noise from the air show but Randi has great tips.
If the link doesn't work search YouTube for
Cozy Girrrl's LoVac Composite Tools & Tricks

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