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Mike Dwyer

Great report Jay!
Mike Dwyer

On Sat, Mar 27, 2021, 6:20 PM Jay Scheevel <jay@...> wrote:

Took to the beautiful clear blue skies of western Colorado this morning for about 50 minutes of fun in my Q. The calm conditions made it very enjoyable, and with the OAT at 1 to 2 degrees C at altitude, my plane also enjoyed stretching its legs. I took the time pleasure of doing a number of tight turns and couple of lazy 8’s. People on the ground were no doubt thinking that the pilot was drunk, but the pilot (me) did not care. I made one low pass “option” at my home airport, and glancing down briefly at the AS strip on the EFIS, I thought I saw 190 mph IAS. I suspected I might be imagining things, but my EFIS data download shows 192 IAS and 206 TAS. I think that is the fastest my plane has been so far. Made a very nice landing, so it really topped off the fun. I spent the rest of the morning laying on my back rubbing my plane’s belly. I think it likes that. I thought I heard it purring. I agree with Kevin B. It is too much fun flying these little Q-beasts. If you are building and not yet flying, keep pushing along. You will finish it at some point and then the fun begins.



Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q2 N8WQ, 136 hours

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