Re: Extinguishers

Terry Adams

I put mine on the seat back bulkhead on the far right side


On 3/28/2021 6:15 AM, Dorothea Keats wrote:
 Any suggestions for placement of the fire extinguishers? The rule say it needs to be accessible by the pilot with his seat belt on.

 My old Cessna  it was behind the seat and you could only reach it if you dislocated your shoulder, so the rules may be open for interpretation.  My biplane it is between my legs on the floor. Also hard to reach.  The only spot I found is on the seat back between the seats.  It would have to be less than 10 inches long. I would like to install it behind the seat back in the storage compartment, but I don't know how that would go over.

 I don't think I would ever let an extinguisher go in flight. I think I would rather be able to see and breath. Hopefully,  I never have to make that choice.

I installed the ELT on the side of the fuselage behind the passenger compartment.

 I also installed a master switch that you reach under the middle console on the seat back to turn off and on.

 I found a Garmin 327 transponder and encoder.  Installed the antenna in the tail cone with a disconnect to remove the tail.

 Waiting for my SDS system to finish the engine and panel and almost ready for paint when the weather improves.

 Still having fun and staying a little bit sane.   Take care------------  Chris

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