Re: Windy pilot's report.

Bruce Crain

Oh she's a cutie for sure Sammy!  Looks especially happy to see  you to!  Bet  you had a great time!
Nice! 185 ground speed!  And oh well 133 coming home but you got to enjoy you Q200 for a little bit longer!  Hope everything is working well on the Q200!  Did you get bounced around with turbulence in cruise?
Say on a side note Alan Thayer put us in the Central States Newsletter for FOD!  Maybe we will start to see larger interest and can meet some new folks with flying pickle forks!  Long ways out but I am sooo looking forward to Field Of Dreams!
Bruce and Honey Lamb

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From: "Sam Hoskins" <sam.hoskins@...>
Subject: [Q-List] Windy pilot's report.
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2021 05:25:07 -0700

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