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Robert Cringely

My engine is 55kg all-up.The titanium parts hardly weigh anything. There are Q1s with 1835 VWs that weigh 75 kg, so I'm not too bothered. Keeping the CG in the right place is a matter of adding weight in the tail. I've converted to a heavier Aviation Products tailwheel with a rod spring for most of that. The lady in Ojai who makes those tailwheels (it's just one lady, all on her own, in her late father's old airplane factory kind of like a flying Miss Havisham from Great Expectations), she'll sell me the correct spring to dial it in when I finish carving my prop, which I should have done long ago, but it's my first three-blader and pretty daunting. There's a reason why only Craig Catto carves three-bladed wood props.

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wow, a Diesel with a turbo!!! Sounds awesome!! Did you have a youtube channel or a website/facebok with more information? Its the weight about 55kg all In or just the engine? 

A other great engine manufacturer is Lifan, they copied the B&S engine with some improvements and a EFI system too. Please find below a link:

I got my information about the B&S conversation from Kevin Armstrong, he has build one of the engine (no, it was two after the first blow up based on a value/oil issue) on his trike. Please find below the link on you tube:

At first he chose the B&S Vanguard with 679cc and the second engine is B&S with 800cc. He did it all by him self and the upgrades comes from the US. The weight of the engine was all in around 30kg, so we are in the range that the Q1 could handle it.

If you want get in touch with kevin, send him a message and he will for sure share with you all the information/drawings/test result and soon.

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I like the idea of using the Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine, especially since there is so much racing experience and aftermarket parts. I am installing a new engine in my Q1 and going in a similar -- though not identical -- direction. I'm replacing the 22-hp Super-Onan with a pretty generic two-cylinder 870 cc Chinese direct-injection diesel rated for 25 hp at 3600 rpm. I'm turbocharging the engine with a tiny IHI turbo (the smallest sold) and an intercooler. I'm aiming for a turbo-normalized 30 hp, which should give me some really interesting performance numbers at my 17,999-foot cruise altitude.

The engine is all aluminum and air-cooled. I've removed a bunch of extra parts and material like the OEM exhaust, intake, and fuel tank and have the weight down around 55 kg. The new parts are mainly titanium, but that's because we use titanium at my day job and have a welder who does beautiful work. Guessing that the crankshaft is a casting, I'm installing a 1-to-1 belt drive to isolate the prop loads while raising the thrust line. The engine, turbo, and intercooler come from China, the redrive is from India, so the complete powerplant (minus prop) was under $2000 including shipping.

I built the new engine so I can commute to work in San Luis Obispo, CA. My company is right at the airport there and I can even park inside. Presently I fly my Thorp T-18, which takes about 90 minutes for the 222 nm flight from Santa Rosa. I don't expect the Q to go any faster (or slower) than that, but hope to drop the fuel consumption from 10 gallons down to three. Even at 10 gallons it is cheaper to fly than to drive my car, in part because I skip the toll on the Golden Gate Bridge. 

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