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Thanks Dorthea and Gary!

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Thanks, Jay!!!


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The prototype was built up by hand by Gary Legare in Canada, as a sort of
joint venture with QAC in Mojave. Then there was the demonstrator protoype
that was built in Mojave, which I think was N81QA (yellow), then I think
this one was further modified to become the Q-200 prototype (your photo) by
beefing up the firewall and replacing the GU with the LS1 canard. Others on
this list may know more precisely, but I think that is how it went down. All
of the regional dealers build a Q2 from a kit and used them as
demonstrators. Legare had the exclusive rights to market QAC products in
Canada in exchange for his work on the project.


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Hi Group,

I am curious how there came to be 2 different Q2 prototypes, the boxy one
and the beautifully sculptered one with the compound curves. Who designed
each one?

Just curious from a historical perspective.

Mike (the airfoil guy)

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