Re: Q1 Fuselage comes up

Eugen Pilarski

Hello Q-Community,

so far the second fuselage side is in the bag.

Please find below the picture.

Best regards 


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Dear Q-Community,

thanks for your hints and comments. Again, great to get that feedback from you guys! 

To post cure the Resin that I use for the Q1 Project (MGS LR385/LH386) it’s already a oven available that is used for the ASSO X-RAY Project (MGS LR285/LH285), please find below some Picture. It´s a full control heating process with some thermocouples and a customizing software solution (DIY).

It’s a easy construction of XPS elements, some cheap fans (Ebay 8$), two control cabinet heater from EBM Pabst (Ebay 20$), some bulbs (5 * 200W) and in the end a customizing fermentation controller (BrewiPI), please find below the link.   After all my aircrafts are in the air, maybe I will start to made my own beer :-)

To fit all parts of the Q1 in that oven it will be needed an extended version, if my buddy isn’t ready to go with his paint booth. So we will see……

The temperature will not rise more than 65°C, based on the Foam used in wing and canard area, for min. 15h but heat up 10°C/h (5h) and cool down with 10°C/h (5h).

So far all bulkheads are ready to go, just the seat bulkhead need to heat up (bending area) and fixed with resin/glass combo. The next step will be to contouring/cut out the bottom _._,_._,_

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