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Sam Hoskins

I was at Oshkosh one year and saw a Q-2 arrive from Ohio I believe it was. His first trip to Oshkosh. He bounced on the runway in front of everybody and broke the canard. Poor guy, course they had to shut the runway down until they cleared him off. Never did meet the guy , I hear he just loaded the thing up and went back to Ohio. I know for a fact the LS1 canard is stronger. Unless you have real serious damage to it, I would keep the LS1.

I do have a fair amount of experience with this. If you want to send me some pictures offline I can give you a hand. But also, I think a lot of my stuff is documented out there anyway.


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Any Q is faster if it is lighter and more power is added. Those factors are probably more important than the airfoil.  


VG’s on the GU solve the rain/contamination problem, but are a pain when trying to keep the canard clean.


LS-1’s break too, but just outboard of the fuselage instead of farther out on the wing.


There are several GU’s flying with O-200’s on them, so I suspect the QAC change from GU to LS1 was driven more by contamination problems than by strength issues (despite what was said in the QAC newsletters).


I am not sure that the speed of GU vs LS1 has ever been fully resolved, but there are a lot of fast GU Q’s that have been built with a variety of engines (Corbin’s is a very fast Q200 and has a GU canard. Paul Spackman’s Q2 with the GU and Jabiru engine is/was also very fast). More LS1’s have been built because of supply, so the sample size is larger and probably more is known about them because of that.


……The GU will not explode if hit by lightning, since no carbon fiber.







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In my opinion... 1) the GU spar ends 4 feet from the wing tip.  Lots of them break there on a hard landing.  2) It wasn't designed to carry an 0-200A (but I don't know what your running for an engine). 3) if you never fly in the rain your ok.  And I challenge that the GU is faster?  The fastest Q out there is Sam and he's an LS1.

Mike Dwyer

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John, PM me. I'm on the q Facebook group too if that's easier.


Mike, it's faster, and my LS one is already a little damaged. Plus I'm doing some fairly major changes and replacing my firewall already so seems a good time. Faster is legit the only reason for me wanting the swap. But I'm open to hearing reasons not to change back and to keep the LS.




On Mon, Apr 26, 2021 at 5:26 PM, John Lewis

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Yup.  Located 40 minutes from Salt Lake City on I84.


John Lewis




On Mon, Apr 26, 2021, 5:09 PM Mike Steinsland <MIKESKUSTOMS@...> wrote:

Hey Ryan

I'm curious why you would switch that back.

Everything I read indicates the LS is some better characteristics



On Mon., Apr. 26, 2021, 6:00 p.m. ryan goodman via, <> wrote:

Anyone or there have a decent GU canard sitting around for a Q2? Tossing around the idea of swapping my LS1 back to that. Not fully decided as of yet but if there's one laying around for the right price that would save me making a new one it might twist my arm. 

       Thanks, Ryan

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