Re: Fuel Sight Tube Broke- pics included

Jay Scheevel

Precisely my fear when I was building my fuel system, ergo, no header sight gauge in my plane. That said, there are several on this group that have robust solutions to the design and materials for your replacement that will put your mind at ease. I too am glad for you that it did not happen in flight. You must be living right.


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Brittle little tubes these are. I’m starting the new panel build and was emptying the header tank. I barely touched the sight gauge so I could watch the fuel quantity decreased. It cracked immediately and fuel started to spray. As I panicked and yelled, “tell my story….” to anyone that could of heard me, I tried to put my thumb over it and it broke into more pieces. Plenty of fuel emptied into the middle and pilot seat before I could rig up the hose and water container to collect it. Fun.

Glad it broke on the ground as I easily could have tapped it in flight and the same thing would have happened.



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