Re: Fuel Sight Tube Broke- pics included

Jim Patillo

I avoided the entire issue by installing 2 fuel gauges/sending units, one in main and one in header, with low level light annunciator in header tank. It's much cleaner and gets rid of that ugly sight gauge. . Also I run 3/8" fuel line and have no rubber hand fuel pump. Been working fine for 21 years. Just another option.

N46JP Q200

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Use a larger hose piece that fits over the original fuel hose.  It gives a bigger diameter for the hose clamp to tighten up against and holds the underneath hose better.  You can split the smaller outer hose lengthwise if it won’t quite fit over the inside hose.  Heck you can use two hoses over the inside one if you like!
Bruce Crain

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Honestly, I thought it was discolored by design.  I know some are clear but I thought this was tinted tubing.

Corbin Ge!ser

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Yes, those are a yearly replacement item.  Looks like yours might be 5+ years old!  When they are no longer clear, your on borrowed time!  Same thing with the header tank overflow tubing.

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Brittle little tubes these are.  I’m starting the new panel build and was emptying the header tank.  I barely touched the sight gauge so I could watch the fuel quantity decreased.  It cracked immediately and fuel started to spray.  As I panicked and yelled, “tell my story….” to anyone that could of heard me, I tried to put my thumb over it and it broke into more pieces.  Plenty of fuel emptied into the middle and pilot seat before I could rig up the hose and water container to collect it.  Fun.

Glad it broke on the ground as I easily could have tapped it in flight and the same thing would have happened.






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