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Thanks Keith.  Any and all information is incredibly helpful so thank you for sending this.


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Hi Corbin,
For what it's worth....
This may not have anything to do with your issue but the photo looks like the (once upon a time) clear plastic tubes supplied with the Quickies. 
Mine would discolor, get soft  at the tank and shrink.  The top, further from the tank, would crack.  Fuel don't actually travel up the tub only the dowel.
After changing several through the years I called McMaster Carr for some guidance.  
When I told the guy that I had been using a clear plastic tubing called Tygothane, I believe, he asked who told me to use that.  I had been getting it from them all these years.  He knew that would not work.  The catalogue even said it was fuel resistant as I remember.  I might add that I couldn't find it in their catalogue this time.
Instead he recommended Pyrex tubing.  You know the glass cookware stuff.  Worried how to cut it to length turned out not to be an issue.  Just scored the tube
with a Dremel cut off wheel until it came apart.  That was just prior to OSH 2019.  It is as clear as a bell and virtually indestructible.  
To cut it I ran it through another plastic tube and squeezed with a vice enough that the Pyrex would turn inside the softer tubing with some resistance so
the Dremel wheel would slowly spin it and make a nice even cut.  That Pyrex glass is very hard so the cutoff wheel was very slow but got the job done and no scratches.
Obviously a lathe would have been better but me don't have one.
Maybe this helps. Keith

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Brittle little tubes these are.  I’m starting the new panel build and was emptying the header tank.  I barely touched the sight gauge so I could watch the fuel quantity decreased.  It cracked immediately and fuel started to spray.  As I panicked and yelled, “tell my story….” to anyone that could of heard me, I tried to put my thumb over it and it broke into more pieces.  Plenty of fuel emptied into the middle and pilot seat before I could rig up the hose and water container to collect it.  Fun.

Glad it broke on the ground as I easily could have tapped it in flight and the same thing would have happened.





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