Re: Fuel Sight Tube Broke- pics included

Mike Dwyer

I think the flexible vinyl tube is better than a glass tube.  Just replace it every year.  I like the valve idea.  I may look for one.  Mike Q200 N3QP

On Sat, May 8, 2021, 5:49 PM Dorothea Keats <dkeats@...> wrote:
   Corbin----------  I have a small valve installed at the header tank,
just in case. Sitting in the airplane I can reach in a shut of the fuel
to the site gauge.  I am using the site tube that came with the kit. It
will probably glaze over like my little Quickie did and I will replace
it with glass tube.  Also sending a picture of where I am with the
project. Lots of little thing to do, but plugging along.

Take care    Chris

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