Brake lines

Jay Scheevel

I have used 1/8” stainless steel tubing for may brake lines, with a small PTFE (Teflon) segment at each end for flexibility. The PTFE will take more pressure than the Nyla flow, and is good to 500F. The stainless will last forever without corrosion and also is a narrower line that will take up less room in the corner of your elevator slot core. Easier to bleed, since the interior volume of the tubing is very small, bubbles move quickly through it. My 2 cents.





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It's not too bad to replace. You can run it in the lower corner of the elevator slots. You will have to cut a slot in your wheel pant to bring it down to the brake but once you get started is not really that bad.




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Lucky break - happening on the ground! Certainly going to be checking mine. The original plastic hydraulic brake lines worry me, too. I have found spare material, that I had left over, to be very brittle too (not surprising after 40 years, I suppose). Anyone have experience of replacing this? How easy/difficult is it?



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