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Jay Scheevel

Hi Mike,


I used custom lengths, as you will need to also. I had the hoses pre-made with fittings pre-installed from The specs for the tubing from them is: “1/4" SAE 100R14A PTFE Hose Assembly”. This is a stainless-braided-sheath PTFE tubing. You can custom design them on their website. They have an website widget that is easy to use. When I was ordering the hose, there were a variety of fittings. I selected “T09-04-04 | ¼” JIC Female Swivel fittings” because they had the shortest swaged sleeve, but was still about ¾” inch long, so plan for that much host to be rigid on each end. They tell you how to measure and do the design. You can choose from straight, 45 and 90 fittings. These fittings are not small, so plan accordingly.


The ¼” is the smallest PTFE braided tubing they have, so you will have to buy some male to male 1/8” to ¼” adapters (37 degree/JIC), plus some nuts and collets for the 1/8” tubing. These are available from Spruce, I think. If not, then a hotrod custom site, such as JEGs will have them. I chose this hose because price per hose was so good and the quality very good.


Make sure you use a professional quality flare tool to do your flares on the stainless. Best to do most of the flare, turn the tube 90 degrees in the retainer and finish up the flare. This makes it nice and symmetrical and the seal perfect.


I suppose there are places you can buy similar 1/8” hoses, but I could not find them, so I went with these good quality ¼” ones. The combination of the 1/8” stainless hard-line and the ¼” flexible works well and will last longer than I will. Good luck.





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Jay, do you have photos or a parts list for how the transition from the SS to PTFE works? Special fittings or ???
#2827 (still thinking about planning on visualizing how to finish building)

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