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Jim Patillo

Very nice report Mike. 
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Subject: [Q-List] Q200 Performance test.
Monday May 10th I flew the Q200 up to Crystal River to test the high altitude climb rate. We're thinking of flying out to Denver and the ground there is 6000 feet high. Got to 6,500', baro 30.05, OAT 64F, 15%RH. Slowed to take off speed and then went to full power and when the climb was steady at 100Knots (115 mph) the plane was going up at 850 FPM. Climbed to 7500'. Calculating the density altitude gave me 8800'. This is an excellent performance. Had 10 Gal of fuel, 20 lb of baggage, 1 person aboard.

Coming in to land I was lined up for Runway 22 but there was a Coast Guard H60 helicopter taking off. I politely advised the tower that I'd not be landing after that. Those choppers fly by beating the air into submission and you don't want to be near them. The tower gave me a left 360 on short final and the video picks up on the second final approach!


Check out the video of my flight! I'm working on a device to dampen the camera vibration. We'll see how that works in a week.

Mike Dwyer

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