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Bruce Crain

Say Mike I didn't notice until I read your post that you were "1 person on board".  You really should try to climb from 5000' msl to 7500' msl with full fuel and luggage plus the two people who are going into Denver. Check your climb rate then.
I once flew out of Vance Brand KLMO (altitude 5055msl) with my son Jonathan (probably weighed 60lbs), luggage, and full fuel.  We waited until around noon and the temperature had climbed to around 95 degrees!  (density altitude over 10,000' msl!!)  I leaned the mixture and pushed the throttle forward and started to roll.  We rolled and rolled and finally got off just before the end of the runway and skimmed over the surrounding terra firma trying to establish a climb rate.  It was not pretty as at that time N96BJ was the Q200 tail dragger with a fixed pitch prop.  I now have the TriQ 200 with an MT prop which can be taken to 2700+ rpms for better horsepower.  However I am heavier around my girth and also the airplane.
So with all of that said my mistakes were not taking off early enough in the morning to catch maybe 50 degrees F (temperature is a big big factor)  The other thing was the runway was only 4800' long.  If I had landed at Colorado Air and Space Port the runway there is 8000' long with 2 cross runways.  Or Arapaho Centennial which has 10,000' long runways.
Not to discourage you though.  I have been into Colorado Air and Space Port with my oldest son Jake when he was in High School when he weighed around 175 and I was 175 but it was in the winter and the temps were in the 40's.  We did a lot better mainly due to the temps and the length of runways plus a cross runway.  Also there are some airports south and east of Denver that are pretty high such as Burlington, Co KITR which is 4218' msl and is 5200' long.  It was hot and the Q200 was minimal at that altitude and temp with my smaller son in the right seat.  The runway also goes up hill to the northwest (not good).    Garden City KGCK would have been a much better place to fuel as it is almost 2000' msl lower than Burlington plus the runway is 7300' long.
I pass all this on to you as I have experience albeit stupid  experience.  You can do it but be careful!
Bruce Crain
PS- Joanne and I have actually sent luggage via UPS and Post office when flying through and into the mountains to lighten our load.  30 or 40 lbs makes a big difference. You are more than welcome to stop by Enid on your way out and stay over night if  you like! Enjoy!

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