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 That would work too, Bob.  Contact! Magazine (Pat Panzera, editor) had a feature on Pegasus DP-1 who have been developing a 1/2 Continental O-200 to a two cylinder specifically for LSA use. It has been running but the developer whom I have chatted with was also doing his best to avoid using a forged crankshaft. I think he finally tossed in the towel and went with the machine forged steel. I also informed that Nitriding and keeping the throw and mains radii larger than .100" are both required for aircraft use. The fact is that either powerplant would indeed make an excellent Q1 FWF package. Rocket indeed! Wow.. hotrod for one. 

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If you mean a Franklin O-110, I have one! It came in 50 and 60 hp versions rated at 3300 rpm. 


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Great to see you and your Q2 again Nathan!!  Say, I looked at a Continental 0200 1/2 a while back.  I suppose it would weigh around 120 lbs and crank out 50 hp.  Might make that Q2 a rocket!  3 gals/hr!  Just a thought.

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Nathan, thank you for the zoom meeting you did. Informative and like Sam said “what a history”. Sorry to hear you’ve had so many problems with the Rotax and Warp Drive. 

N46JP Q200

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