Q200 Project - For Sale Soon w/Avionics available


Good morning all,

I have attached the only photos I have for reference.  I am picking this project up by end of the month and will get all the details once I get it back to my hangar.  It is supposed to have everything except an engine and avionics and the tail "needs work".  I will either keep for parts or bundle the avionics that I am taking out of my plane now and sell it to anyone wanting to take on a project.  

Looks to be the LS1 wing as well as the forward sliding canopy.  I am not yet sure of the condition of the canopy.

Not sure what price to put on this yet as I need to see the condition, inventory parts, complete the purchase, and then value my avionics that I will bundle it with.  I maybe even have my panel guy cut a panel for it while he is doing mine.

I just wanted to get the word out if someone is interested and wants to be updated as I acquire it and get it home to Dallas.



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