Re: Q200 Project - For Sale Soon w/Avionics available

Jay Scheevel

Hi Corbin,


A couple of thoughts. There appear to be square patches on both the fuselage and the canard at the root on both sided of the plane. This is the location of the carbon fiber spar and could spell trouble. I would query the seller as to what was done there. Perhaps a repair after a huge flex or even failure of the spar on both sides?  Also on the left side canard, top surface, the sanding has gone through the weave. At least one, maybe two plies are compromised. This will need to be repaired to be airworthy. It looks like there are two Q’s there. The one that you are looking at is set up for the revmaster engine. Firewall will need to be modified to accommodate the O-200. Maybe the canard from the other one is available? Can’t see it from the views you sent. Also, beware of UV damage if these have been sitting outside for a long time (looks like they have).





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Good morning all,

I have attached the only photos I have for reference.  I am picking this project up by end of the month and will get all the details once I get it back to my hangar.  It is supposed to have everything except an engine and avionics and the tail "needs work".  I will either keep for parts or bundle the avionics that I am taking out of my plane now and sell it to anyone wanting to take on a project.  

Looks to be the LS1 wing as well as the forward sliding canopy.  I am not yet sure of the condition of the canopy.

Not sure what price to put on this yet as I need to see the condition, inventory parts, complete the purchase, and then value my avionics that I will bundle it with.  I maybe even have my panel guy cut a panel for it while he is doing mine.

I just wanted to get the word out if someone is interested and wants to be updated as I acquire it and get it home to Dallas.



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