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Dave Dugas

Sorry to hear the news about your Q, but after reading your thoughtful letter, you echoed my thoughts about our group of QAC enthusiasts. Glad that there were no injuries….Dave Dugas


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From: Jay Scheevel
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Sorry to hear about the fate of your plane, Jon. So glad you were not hurt. The decision you made is a hard one, but the right one for you because you have thought it through. No shame in that. Keep in touch and I can say from experience, no one in this group is any less friendly if you fly your spam can into the fly-ins. Did it for years and everyone was great. Best to you and your family.





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With heavy heart I'm selling my project #Tri-Q N12XD;  It is a hard decision to sell my project, not so much for the loss of the object but for the loss of  all the connections it represents. After giving it, what I feel, was  a fair attempt I have to admit this is not the right airplane for me at this time in my life.  On my second, "First Flight" attempt I came up short as a pilot and damaged my Corvair powered TriQ.  On takeoff I wasn't able to maintain flight and bounced on the runway and broke the front landing gear off.  The bottom of the cowl is gone and the Warp Drove propeller was ground down to a nub.  There is no other apparent damage but It will be up to the next owner to determine the integrity of the structure. I plan to sell the fuselage and engine separately.  It will be up to the new owner to get it re-certified as a "Parts Built" project.  I have all the documentation and it will go with the project.  Please contact me through the list.
It has been 18 good years of building and I cherish the time I spent on this  and growing as a person.  I especially value the great friends I have made during the process and I hope that you all know how much I appreciate your efforts to make my journey a success. Without your help and support the end of this tale may have been very different.  What the Q group members do is invaluable.  Thank you all.
 I have reflected long and hard about this and choose to see my stepping away from this project as a success on more levels than it was a failure.  I did fly at least as far as the Wright brothers and I came away without physical harm (just my pride took a hit) One of the biggest lessons I will offer to anyone beginning the same journey is to listen to the guys who have done it and follow their advise.  Their knowledge is based on experience and is invaluable.


Jon Swenson


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