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Jay Scheevel

Not to preempt Terry’s answer, Jim…but I have seen his Cozy project in the works, and I can say that whether he is trying to go for another Lindy or not, it is likely to be in his future if he chooses to take it to OSH!





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Hi Terry,


Sorry for the late reply. HAPPY Retirement! All the Best.

Are you actually going for another LINDY? Just Wondering. 😉     



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I wanted to thank everyone for the retirement congrats. It was great to actually fly somewhere, like most of you I haven't been anywhere in a year.

Kevin thanks again for hosting and all you do. For those of you that have never been to Decorah airport, the airport manager and his wife, Mike and Ava go out of there way to support the fly in. This airport rates really high on my list I wish there were more like it.


Terry Crouch

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Terry Crouch is retiring at the end of the month, so we celebrated with cake!


5 Qs and 2 EZs - we have a real fly in!

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