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thanks for the report detail, K


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Thanks for the great update Kevin. Sounds like a great time was had and as usual wish I could have been there. 

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True to the norm, the weather for the Fling was less than stellar. 
Paul Fisher was first to arrive on Friday morning, while the weather window was do-able. Then the rains came. Washed out any more fly in arrivals. We were able to stay entertained with a fine BBQ lunch.

Friday afternoon we had an arrival with an enclosed trailer from New Hampshire!!!
Anthony Parker came out to buy Keith Kerr’s Q2 and take it back to the Granite State.
Our very own Dave Dugas will guide Anthony through the process to get this plane back in the air. 
Pics to follow. He had the engine off by the time we got there, so we helped with the tail removal.

Saturday morning I was awoken by a text from Sam Hoskins at 5:57 AM saying he was starting his engine.
Soon after that Jerry Marstall was on his way from Terra Haute Indiana where he had spent the night with Keith Welch, due to weather concerns at DEH on Friday. Terry Crouch was on his way from KDVN as well. Things were shaping up to be a fly in. 
Not long after we got to the AP, Sam comes whistling in, in “Plastic Explosive”.  The first drive in, a fellow Q1 builder, Charlie Lipke, from the La Crosse WI area introduced himself and we got a bid acquainted. Charlie and Terry have known each other for many years. Followed by Terry in his Q1 at 8:40. Jerry arrived about 10:45. Then a long eze piloted by Steve Beerts and pax Evan, Steve’s young neighbor, that wants to learn to fly! Followed by Bernie Nitz in his Vari Eze, like bees into the pattern. 
It was great. The two eze's were from KDVN the home of EAA Chapter 75. They stayed to have cake, and then went home. Nice of them to fly in to see us.

Sam Kittle arrived at about 11:45. Just in time.
Then we had cake! Paul got Terry Crouch a retirement cake, as he will join the ranks of the retired the end of this month. Congrats!!!

NOW, its time to head south to the Kerr farm to help Anthony. So we all saddled up and made the 20 min trip to the farm.
We got the plane loaded in his trailer in record time, according too ME, then got things strapped, tied, screw, fastened, shrink wrapped, well you get the idea. All was good!

Back to DEH where Anthony parked the trailer overnight, Had some BEERS courtesy of Jerry M, thanks. Had a gentleman by the name of John Baker from Green IA drive in to introduce himself and meet everyone there. Thanks for taking the time John. Then to town for a fine dinner at a sports bar named T Bock’s. Excellent food, good beer, mega laughs, good friends. Must be Miller Time huh Terry? It just doesn't get any better than this!! 

Sunday the low ceilings delayed the departures. However, one by one they all took to the sky homeward bound. Of coarse, Sam was the first to report being home, followed by Paul, and Terry. Jerry head for Terry Haute for a fuel stop. As I am writing this, flight aware has him on the ground in Terra Haute, but no indication he has departed. Time will tell. 

A great weekend of flying friends, new friends, fun hanger flying, good food, laughs, everything a fly in should be!
Some pics attached for those that just can’t get enough.

Thanks to every one that made it, had intensions of making the trip, and the drive in’s as well 
 Good luck Anthony. Keep every one informed.

Kevin Boddicker
TriQ 200 N7868B   550 hrs
Luana, IA.

  PS. the pics are a bit out of order, deal with it!!




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