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Mike Dwyer

Great pictures Corbin.  Very high resolution.  I got a couple of suggestions if you want to think about one day.  With your interior, I sewed in a large pocket on each side.  Real useful for holding stuff you want to access in flight!  With RF connectors, you lose a great deal of the signal with each connector you go through.  I noticed one of yours going into the rear shell where you used a barrel to connect two male BNC's.  Cut off one of the males and put a female on one of the wires and you'll eliminate one connector.  This is especially bad on Transponders due to the 1,000 Megahertz operating frequency.  BNC's drop half your power!  That complicated aileron trim, just put an electric servo at the aileron belcrank and you'd eliminate the pulleys, torque tube with universal joints...  That "W" comm antenna.  I tried one unsuccessfully.  I believe it radiates more to the sides than front/back.  I went to a loop type com antenna and have been happy with that.  2:1 Exhaust.... I considered that but the firing order is 1-3-2-4 or in other terms right side-right side then left side left side.  You really don't want two power pulses in one pipe then no pulses.  Makes for back pressure for cyls 3 and 4.  At least that's what I read.  See if your plugs are burning evenly?  I put a screen on the back of my luggage compartment so now I can just throw bags back there.  I built covers for all the important stuff so luggage can't jam it.  I didn't see, do you have mass balancers on your elevators?  
Great looking plane!
Mike Dwyer

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