Re: 9 photos uploaded #photo-notice


Hey Mike,

I have a built-in pocket on the right side that is perfect for a phone or sunglasses.  I could definitely benefit from a larger pocket.  I will look into the RF connectors as there 1-2 that are no longer being used but are still there from a previous setup.  

This is perfect timing to look into the electric servo for the aileron trim!  I think I remember seeing a model or brand posted so I will try and dig that up.  Thanks for that tip.  

This exhaust has always been a 2-1 but crossed over in front of the engine.  I stayed with 2-1 but simplified without crossing over.  That was a long and expensive project so I think I just want to never mess with exhaust again....hopefully I won't have issues.  From what I can tell, only one plug is possibly burning a bit more.  Now that I have the Lightspeed dual ignition and different exhaust setup I will monitor the plugs more closely once flying again.

Yes, there are balancers on the elevators but you gave me a good idea that this is the perfect time to adjust my aileron balancers now that I can easily get to them.  I have a little too much weight on the left one, I believe.


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