Re: Location of Reflexor Control

Sam Hoskins

Corbin, I have mine in the center console, just aft of the stick and operate it with my left hand. It's mostly set-and-forget. I adjust it before takeoff, in cruise flight and when slowing down to enter the pattern. 

On Thu, Jun 17, 2021, 5:14 PM Corbin via <> wrote:
Good afternoon all,

While I am in progress on the panel upgrade and re-mounting controls I wondered if anyone had their reflexor push/pull in a different location that they like better.  I think the plans called for it to be in the middle at a 30-degree tilt.  Mine is over on the left side aft of the throttle.  Seems like a good location to me and keeps my right hand free on the stick so I don't really have any problems.  But has anyone found an even better location that could be considered?  I am going to do something with my alt air control as it is just too crammed down under the throttle and mixture and is hard to reach.



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