Re: Q1 Fuselage comes up

Rob de Bie

Eugen, sorry for this delayed reply, but a big thanks for making a website with your adventures! It's so interesting to see the construction of a Q1 with modern materials and techniques. I'll be following your progress!


On 07 Jun 2021 23:47, Eugen Pilarski wrote:
Dear Q-list Group,
the Q1 fuselage assembly progress is stil on going, the last bulkhead 110 is on his place. So the next step will curve the outside of the fuselage to create the unique Q1 lines. Please find a link to my website, scroll down a liltle bit to reach the picture. <>
During the whole progress I learn tons of stuff about foam, glass, resin, squeegee, flox, wet / dry / flush micro, vacuum bags and where my fingers should do not touch if sealing is placed and use all times a hat and much more ……………..what a wonderful journey :-)
Thank you guys that you kick me in that path :-)
Best regards

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