Pete Stein update

Bruce Crain

This is Honey Lamb, 
I spoke with Pete Stein's wife, Kim, today. She wanted me to express thanks and gratitude to all the Q guys who have been involved with Pete and his Q. Kim, her daughters and Pete's Brother are in AZ.  Visiting is very restricted at the ICU and they only allow family for a few minutes she said.  Kim's daughter asked me to share the link that will have updates posted on Pete's progress. I will post the link below.  Pete is in a medically induced coma at present. The Neuro evaluation is pending due to the coma.  I told Kim we would be praying for them all. 
You Q guys/gals are an amazing group who are all supportive.  Many questions remain to what happened and I will not speculate.  I know we all ache for Pete and Gabe's family.  Blessings on them.
Joanne/Honey Lamb

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