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Jay Scheevel

Chris measure the FS’ again on your mains and tailwheel. Remembering forward face of firewall is FS 14. Post those FS numbers and all your weights on wheels with different loadings. I can double check your math. Sounds like more variation than I would expect. 


On Jul 1, 2021, at 8:54 AM, Dave Dugas via <davedq2@...> wrote:

I'd tighten up the light runners and run like hell if it were me and I posted my wife's weight.
Dave D

On Thu, Jul 1, 2021 at 10:39 AM, Chris Walterson
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  What I am trying to do is to figure out how much ballast I will need
in the tail wheel area.

 If I add twenty lbs as far back as I can,  I get 10 lbs on the tail
wheel, and 370 on the mains at station 35.5. [inboard gear]

 This gives me a empty CG of 37.4.

 I get my wife to jump in and she is 159.5 lbs with here heavy runners
on. According to her.

 With this I have 33 lbs on tail wheel, 465 pilot side and 425 copilot

 Total 923 and Cg at 41.8.

 If the header and mains are filled, mathematically  I get 1043 and CG
of 47.5 I will still do the actual Wand B with real fuel and real people
to make certain.

 The problem I see is that if I hop in [ 190 lbs with light runners]
along with full fuel  I get 1233 Lbs , but the CG is 48.6. According to
the chart the CG wants to be 50 plus.

 Does any one have their  Cg numbers at the higher weights.
1200------1300 ?

 I am also doing the math, old school, with out a calculator. Don't use
it, you sure loose it.

 Take care--------------  Chris

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