Re: Q1 Fuselage comes up

Jay Scheevel

Hi Eugen,

I will let the Q1 builders answer your questions on the construction details, since I built a Q2 (Tri-Q2). However, I will share with you my method for cutting glass that worked well for me. It is sort a modified version of your glass roll dispenser. I covered the table with a sheet of vinyl to avoid snagging the weave. Having the table to cut on allows you to get accurate angles and cut dimensions. Here is an old photo of my set-up.


Thanks for keeping us involved in your project.





From: <> On Behalf Of Eugen Pilarski
Sent: Sunday, July 04, 2021 6:44 AM
Subject: Re: [Q-List] Q1 Fuselage comes up


Dear Q-Team,

in the plans on Page 07-13 the fuselage outside glassing start, please find the link below Page 07-13

Did I understand the Q1 plans right, that only the area between STA 14.8 and STA 110 the BID glass will be placed under the angel of 45° based on WTL 15? After STA 110 to STA 153 the BID glas direction will be at 90° to WTL15 ?!? Because the picture indicate a glass area of 52" to 12" with a 90° direction to the WL 15 or did I understand it in wrong way? Please find the picture in the attachment. 

After that procedure the UNI will place on the fuselage from seat bulkhead to the firewall under 45° based on WL15.

Did you guys cut the requested glass-pages and placed it on the fuselage or you use a fiberglass roller dispenser? Please find a picture in the attachment and the link of the source roller dispenser , please scroll a bit down.

Best regards 


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