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Hi Chris,


Sorry for the delay. Here are my calculations. I think you are in the ballpark since you will be in the envelope with single pilot (provided you weigh more than your wife) with no fuel, since that is the most forward possible loading scenario in flight. You may need to adjust that 20 lb lead in the tail when you get your fuel and baggage arms sorted to keep you in bounds aft. I find that my plane is much more comfortable to fly if I am between 42 and 45, but that is just my preference, not what QAC says is possible.


My entire tail cone assembly weighs less than 30 pounds all up, so keep in mind that putting 20 pounds mass in the far aft tail cone will affect your yaw response and nimbleness. The large inertial mass will resist starting to move and also resist stopping moving. Just something to keep in mind, especially in a tail dragger with inboard mounted gear.





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 Jay----------   When the aircraft is empty and level it will nose over due to no tail weight. If install 20 lbs at the aft bulkhead I get


10 lbs on the tail station 214-------  373 on both mains at station 35.5.  I have inboard gear that is 21.5 inches back from the front of the firewall.


 With my wife and no fuel we get 33lbs at 214    465 at 35.5 , pilot side and 425 at 35.5 passenger side.  Total 923 @ 41.8.


 I'll get the certified scales and do the pilot and fuel loading as the guys have been suggesting.


 Still having fun--------------  Chris




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