Chris Walterson Q-2 Q-Tour - in progress - July 10 9:00 Central time

Sam Hoskins

From Geraldton, Ontario, Canada join Chris (AKA Dorothea Keats) as he gives a tour of his turbo powered 2.5L Subaru, direct drive, Q-2 project, which is nearing completion.   This installation is using a three blade Warp drive ground adjustable prop. It's a tail dragger with inboard gear made from Ford main
leaf springs. 

Having an aircraft that has not yet flown is a first for our Q-Tours.  We hope that it may be useful for people who are still making their own progress. This Q-Tour will be moderated by Paul Fisher and as always, the recording will be uploaded a couple of days later.  And as always, after our first Zoom time runs out we will log off, then right back on to complete the session.
To join the Q-Tour, click on the Zoom link at the end of this email. As always, don't log onto the meeting until the designated time.

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Topic: Chris Walterson Q2
Time: Jul 10, 2021 09:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada)

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