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Can anything be relocated aft of present position? Every pound moved aft no matter where on the airframe makes a difference. Give everything a critical why does it have to be located there.

Just a thought before adding dead weight. With my Corvair/Dragonfly I had to locate the battery aft of the wing. It still was not enough so I went to a heavier battery. Odyssey 925 solved wt and bal plus carries more amp hrs. Duel function and it is not a Bob weight on a long arm that suffers inertial effects.


On Sunday, July 4, 2021, 7:28 PM, Chris Walterson <dkeats@...> wrote:

  Jay-------  Thanks for the info. I think I may have been using 54.7
for my pilot loading.

 As I said before, I will do a real world weight and balance to make
sure it is correct.

 Let me pass something by the guys. If I need  twenty or more lbs near
the back bulkhead to get the

proper tail wheel load, I was thinking, because I don't exactly have a Q
rudder and stab, why don't I load

closer to the tail wheel. I was thinking of removing  the rudder and
boring a 5/8 hole down the stab, full length.

 My stab has a spar so I  can drill just forward of it. Fill the 5/8
steel pipe with lead , weight it and slide it down the hole with flox

 and epoxi. I could also slide a pipe filled with lead inside the
rudder tube  itself and rivet/ glue it in place.

My rudder is mass balanced, but the lead is at the balance point so it
should not pose a problem.

I could also bend some 3/8 metal to fit inside the tail wheel mount for
maybe 1/2 lb more.

 I think doing something like this i could reduce the actual weight
needed by half.

 I realize pot is legal in Canada, but I didn't really use any, just
thinking in the abstract.

 Any comments appreciated. Now to clean up the garage for next
Saturday. Hopefully a week is long enough.

 Take care-----------------  Chris

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